What is Love?



What? A pop quiz?

What is love? To cut a long story short…

Is it treats?

Okay… okay – well… um…

Love cares about everyone – everything.

Love knows we are all interconnected.

Love knows when one loves others;

It also loves oneself.

This is the true nature of love.

Love can’t be influenced or confined.

Love has no boundaries;

Therefore, you can find love everywhere.

Love is naturally kind and empathetic.

Love speaks out for injustice.

Love allows anger and pain,

To be communicated and freed.

Love cannot be bought and sold.

Love floats around free to give and receive.

Love cannot be planned;

Therefore, we are often surprised by love.

Love is all of this and so much more.

Okay, we good? Um… treats are love too.

Yep, I love treats – you love giving me treats.

I highly recommend love and treats.


For Poets United Wednesday Platform… Love.

Photo: Pinterest



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