Jesus Came Between Us



Jesus came between us a few days ago.

I sit and watch you brood – about what?

I guess… I will never know.


It has always been my greatest fear.

Living with your echoes of emptiness.

You always make sure I hear.


You mumble to yourself – shake your head.

Refuse to communicate out loud.

And always leave the loving words unsaid.


You make it very hard to forgive.

Still, I begin each new day happy.

It is how I choose to live –


You’re mostly vigilant on the razor’s edge.

Letting anger come between us.

I’m done, my love – now, Jesus drives the wedge.


 Photo: Unsplash



blue feather

Did they think there were no women warriors?

Fox… did they think only men could have bravery?

Did they not see my cunning abilities?

When they forced their laws and beliefs on our people…

Did they think I would surrender to their demands?

They should have seen the fierceness in my eyes.

They thought they would take our structures and lands,

And force our people into slavery without a fight.

We joined forces and fought a good fight for freedom.

We may not have won the war, fox —

We may lie bleeding courage here in the final battle…

But we stood against brutal aggression.

Rising and falling – we will be remembered.

Do you see it, fox? The moon gate?

It is time to shed our swords and helmets.

It is time to shed our earthly skin – gain our ethereal wings.

Soon we will be on the garden side of life.

Soon we’ll lie our bruised bodies about the mossy knoll.

Our ears will only hear the soothing stream.

Our eyes will rest on the forget-me-nots in the green meadows.

Soon our hearts will be as light as butterflies – our story will live on.


Photo: “Guardian” by Chie Yoshii




An Ornate Silver Bowl



Frail hands held an ornate silver bowl. “Is it for sale?” I enquired.

Everything else had a price tag. “I have no one to pass it down to and no use for it”

he grumbled. But he clinched it as if it were his life preserver and he was being

tossed about the ocean fighting for his life. His face lit up as he recalled

the seaside town where he and his sweetheart bought and filled the

bowl with seashells.  “One day on a seashore so many years ago” he moaned.

As if it were yesterday, his face lit up and he remembered the perfect day.


Towels laid out upon the sand.

Underneath a coconut palm.

Lovers gazing at the sea and each other.

Bringing on a sense of calm.

— Busy minds quickly silenced.

Meditating to shorebird psalms.

Sun-kissed skin soothed —

By the warmth of its healing balm.

Floating away the lovely day.

In a passionate tranquil sea.

Slowly the perfect day started to fade away. —

Flowing shades of coral essence…

Sauntered across the sky.

A panoramic dying day…

Vanished before our eyes.

Crescent moon minister…

Bonfire flames vigil’s light…

Honoring the day’s memories —

Burning well into the night.


His weak hands reached out to give me the bowl. “I want you to have it” 

he whispered as a tear flowed from his eye.

“I couldn’t possibly buy it — it means so much to you.” I murmured.

“You took the time to listen to an old man grumble” he replied.

“I don’t need it – I will be with her one day soon” he sighed with a smile.


He stared into the silver bowl — and remembered.

The day a lifetime of love started blooming.

Amongst the tarnish in the bottom of the bowl.

His reflection showed a sunset looming.


Photo: Unsplash




Wishing I could give you pathways lost.

Directions back to change that day.

Guide you back to lines uncrossed.

Wishing she had never lost her way.

Wishing I could ease how you are feeling…

Or know how to soothe your soul.

Wishing broken hearts begin healing.

Some things are just out of our control.

Wishing you many more sunsets to pursue.

Wishing new beginnings shines its brilliance;

Strength and enchantment within you.

Wishing you find the path to peace and resilience.

That is what she would want you to do.


This Christmas was difficult for our family. Our love for each other

helped us get through it. This is for my daughter and son-in-law.

I love them so much.

For The Sunday Muse






The boy draws the bow across the strings —

He plays “What Child Is This?”

The whole forest comes alive and sings!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


The boy rejoices as he plays for the lord —

“O Holy Night” with a bow in hand.

The heavens hear the lovely chords.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


“O Come, All Ye Faithful” rebounds off the trees —

Brings the smallest of creatures there — And then

“Joy to The World” was carried with the breeze.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

She’s Still Okay


Lying on the bedroom floor in her vinyl lounge.

Flipping through magazines, grooving to the sounds.


She puts on her swimsuit. Everyone would leave soon…

For the crowded pool.


She didn’t know she’d receive a memory so intense that day.

One that’s never faded.

She saw her young life flash starting with a newborn’s tears.

More flashes, then it abruptly stopped.

She was being pulled by her brother to the shallow end.

Where all the moms were.


“Man, you’re in trouble,” He said.

She was just glad to be alive.


Years later she realized she witnessed her own birth.

In those weird flashes.

Wishing she had asked him…

How he saw her drowning in the crowded pool.

And, wishing she had thanked him — while he was still alive.


She jumped into the deep end not knowing how to swim.

Thinking she’d jump in and grab the side of the pool.

Thinking she’d be okay, but it was so crowded.


She has no regrets jumping in over her head that day.

She’s dived into life ever since. Life is crowded. — She’s still okay.


Photo: Unsplash