She’s Still Okay


Lying on the bedroom floor in her vinyl lounge.

Flipping through magazines, grooving to the sounds.


She puts on her swimsuit. Everyone would leave soon…

For the crowded pool.


She didn’t know she’d receive a memory so intense that day.

One that’s never faded.

She saw her young life flash starting with a newborn’s tears.

More flashes, then it abruptly stopped.

She was being pulled by her brother to the shallow end.

Where all the moms were.


“Man, you’re in trouble,” He said.

She was just glad to be alive.


Years later she realized she witnessed her own birth.

In those weird flashes.

Wishing she had asked him…

How he saw her drowning in the crowded pool.

And, wishing she had thanked him — while he was still alive.


She jumped into the deep end not knowing how to swim.

Thinking she’d jump in and grab the side of the pool.

Thinking she’d be okay, but it was so crowded.


She has no regrets jumping in over her head that day.

She’s dived into life ever since. Life is crowded. — She’s still okay.


Photo: Unsplash


Enchanting Deity Chione


Enchanting deity Chione — daughter of Boreas.

Please surprise us with a lovely snow storm.

Cover our forest pines with fluffy white frosting.

Surprise the children with enough snow to form…


Decent size snowballs to throw through the air.

They’d love running around with rosy pink cheeks.

Dear Chione — I wouldn’t be surprised at all,

If they built snow castles with tall towering peaks.


We play in the sand here most of the year.

Even though it’s December, it can be quite warm.

Ask daddy Boreas to blow cold winds our way.

Surprise us with a beautiful winter snow storm.


Photo: Unsplash


The Title of Seduction

sunday muse

He was born royal, noble, to be a distinguished ruler.

She was born feisty, cunning, from a world a little crueler.

He stands beside her tall, strong, and arrogantly imposing.

She stands beside him knowing he’ll never be proposing.


She shamelessly distracts him frequently with her desire.

He often shamelessly removes her arousing fiery attire.

She knows she’ll never be more than a beautiful domestic.

He knows underneath her frock her loveliness is majestic.


He knows a prearranged marriage to a noble lass nears.

She dreads the looming union but refuses to shed tears.

He’s heartbroken she’s not of proper lineage royalty.

She’s heartbroken he can’t abandon his lineage loyalty.


He dreads placing a ring of silver on another’s finger.

She dreads the precious metal but knows his love will linger.

He’ll be honored the title of the king at his altar introduction.

She’ll not be queen but honored with the title of seduction.


Photo Credit: The Art of Seduction by Catrin Welz-Stein

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My Poetic Season


Over the years I have learned to be strong.

My children— Like birds could nest on my branches.

I’d listen… lessen their burdens from life going wrong.


Several months ago, my branches felt bare.

More like a young sapling in need of support.

I found strength for others hard… while in despair.


A dear friend helped me escape to the poetry world.

The more I read and wrote the less I felt broken.

We became closer… because of our grief for a girl.


One poem at a time my strength is returning.

Praying— I’ll stay deep in the genre of poetry.

Forever keeping my heart and mind churning.


I pray… one day I’ll find someone in need,

Wanting to express their feelings some way.

And, like my friend… plant the poetic seed.


This year we’ll have the tree, gifts, and feasts.

However, this year is just my poetic season.

Thank you, my friend… It’s helped me have peace.


For my dear friend Carrie.

For Poets United, Susan’s Midweek Motif. “Prayer”

Silver-Grey Memories


The latter part of life is sometimes filled…

With angelic winter white daydreams.

Quickly fading into silver-grey memories.

We ponder our life.

Let our minds wander.

—Through the past.

The latter part of life allows us leisure pleasures… Leisure time.

Remembering silver-grey treasures, we hold in our heart.


For The Sunday Muse



As untouchable as the bluest sky.

As far away as the stars at night.

But, I sense you with the flutter of a butterfly…

Flying by me in the morning light.


As untouchable as the moon glistening…

On the stillness of a tranquil lake.

But, I hear you when I’m listening…

To the subtle sounds when I’m awake.


As untouchable as the suns bright glare…

Warming the beaches golden sand.

But, I feel you beside me there,

As the sand trickles from my hand.


Untouchable for my remaining existence…

Until our hearts meet again one day.

I know you will be waiting there in the distance.

Untouchable… but helping me find my way.


Photo: Unsplash