It’s Your Lucky Day Spa



I’m relaxing on a luxurious bed in a semi-private room at the “It’s Your Lucky Day Spa”. The last thing I remember, it was dusk and I was on the final stretch of a trail located in The Great Smokey Mountains. I slowly pull the warm towel down past my right eye. Lying on the bed across the room is a very pretty lady covered in a glowing body mask. On closer inspection, I’m also lavishly covered in the radiant substance. Betty the owner is, in fact, a lightning bug. She is tall and slender and walks around on a pair of her six legs. Betty has beautiful wings but her abdomen is her best feature. She clearly works out on a regular basis and the flirty flicker from her abdomen proves it. She’s one beautiful beetle and she rejuvenates your body and mind with lightning speed. That is what it says on the salon menu framed on the wall. She tells me “I do declare you have wonderful skin and you are as cute as a button”. I am flattered and can feel my face flush a little. There are two hair stylists in the next room. They are lovely young ladies cutting and perming hair while gossiping with their clients. Apparently, Rosa one of the patrons is having hard times with her husband Tom of twenty years. Hannah the stylist and Rosa are hashing through all the sorted details and Rosa seems relieved to have Hannah listen to her. Another stylist Rita walks into the room to ask Betty where she has stashed the extra perm solution. “Don’t have a hissy fit, honey, It’s in the bottom row of cabinets on the right” squeaks Betty. And with those words from Betty, I’m off the trail at my car in the parking lot. I notice my skin is radiant and glowing and does, in fact, feel rejuvenated. I have a ravenous craving for a slimy slug or perhaps a worm or snail. Under the windshield wiper blade is a flyer for the “It’s Your Lucky Day Spa” with a twenty percent off coupon for a service of your choice and a lovely photo of Betty.


This was for Telling Tales with Magaly’s Magical Realism Prompt at Poets United. It was so much fun! Photo: Getty Images.



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