blue feather

Did they think there were no women warriors?

Fox… did they think only men could have bravery?

Did they not see my cunning abilities?

When they forced their laws and beliefs on our people…

Did they think I would surrender to their demands?

They should have seen the fierceness in my eyes.

They thought they would take our structures and lands,

And force our people into slavery without a fight.

We joined forces and fought a good fight for freedom.

We may not have won the war, fox —

We may lie bleeding courage here in the final battle…

But we stood against brutal aggression.

Rising and falling – we will be remembered.

Do you see it, fox? The moon gate?

It is time to shed our swords and helmets.

It is time to shed our earthly skin – gain our ethereal wings.

Soon we will be on the garden side of life.

Soon we’ll lie our bruised bodies about the mossy knoll.

Our ears will only hear the soothing stream.

Our eyes will rest on the forget-me-nots in the green meadows.

Soon our hearts will be as light as butterflies – our story will live on.


Photo: “Guardian” by Chie Yoshii






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