She’s Still Okay


Lying on the bedroom floor in her vinyl lounge.

Flipping through magazines, grooving to the sounds.


She puts on her swimsuit. Everyone would leave soon…

For the crowded pool.


She didn’t know she’d receive a memory so intense that day.

One that’s never faded.

She saw her young life flash starting with a newborn’s tears.

More flashes, then it abruptly stopped.

She was being pulled by her brother to the shallow end.

Where all the moms were.


“Man, you’re in trouble,” He said.

She was just glad to be alive.


Years later she realized she witnessed her own birth.

In those weird flashes.

Wishing she had asked him…

How he saw her drowning in the crowded pool.

And, wishing she had thanked him — while he was still alive.


She jumped into the deep end not knowing how to swim.

Thinking she’d jump in and grab the side of the pool.

Thinking she’d be okay, but it was so crowded.


She has no regrets jumping in over her head that day.

She’s dived into life ever since. Life is crowded. — She’s still okay.


Photo: Unsplash

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