The Title of Seduction

sunday muse

He was born royal, noble, to be a distinguished ruler.

She was born feisty, cunning, from a world a little crueler.

He stands beside her tall, strong, and arrogantly imposing.

She stands beside him knowing he’ll never be proposing.


She shamelessly distracts him frequently with her desire.

He often shamelessly removes her arousing fiery attire.

She knows she’ll never be more than a beautiful domestic.

He knows underneath her frock her loveliness is majestic.


He knows a prearranged marriage to a noble lass nears.

She dreads the looming union but refuses to shed tears.

He’s heartbroken she’s not of proper lineage royalty.

She’s heartbroken he can’t abandon his lineage loyalty.


He dreads placing a ring of silver on another’s finger.

She dreads the precious metal but knows his love will linger.

He’ll be honored the title of the king at his altar introduction.

She’ll not be queen but honored with the title of seduction.


Photo Credit: The Art of Seduction by Catrin Welz-Stein

Linking with The Sunday Muse and Poets United — Poetry Pantry.

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