My Poetic Season


Over the years I have learned to be strong.

My children— Like birds could nest on my branches.

I’d listen… lessen their burdens from life going wrong.


Several months ago, my branches felt bare.

More like a young sapling in need of support.

I found strength for others hard… while in despair.


A dear friend helped me escape to the poetry world.

The more I read and wrote the less I felt broken.

We became closer… because of our grief for a girl.


One poem at a time my strength is returning.

Praying— I’ll stay deep in the genre of poetry.

Forever keeping my heart and mind churning.


I pray… one day I’ll find someone in need,

Wanting to express their feelings some way.

And, like my friend… plant the poetic seed.


This year we’ll have the tree, gifts, and feasts.

However, this year is just my poetic season.

Thank you, my friend… It’s helped me have peace.


For my dear friend Carrie.

For Poets United, Susan’s Midweek Motif. “Prayer”

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