Tiny Bird


Pounding the sidewalk to do my shopping,

Today in the cold drizzling rain and on my phone.

I hardly noticed a tiny bird on the sidewalk,

Frantically looking around scared and alone.


I popped into the store for a couple of things.

I came out expecting him to be long gone.

My eyes scanned the shopping center,

For a shrub, tree, or the tiniest strip of lawn.


I scooped him up in my cradled hands,

Loving how soft and fragile he was to the touch.

I prayed he wouldn’t try to fly and fall with his

Hurt wing, but he didn’t flap his wings very much.


I carried him around the corner where I noticed,

Several large potted plants outside a sandwich shop.

Laying him in the dirt amongst green plants he seemed content.

And my heart was filled with joy for having made that stop.


My birthday wish is for the tiny bird to heal and fly.

—Soaring high into the clear blue skies.



This happened on my birthday yesterday. I’ve never held a bird,

what a wonderful present. Linking with The Sunday Muse.



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