I Swallowed Deception


A good love potion is only as good as the witch who makes it.

—She was highly recommended.

“An old secret recipe”, she said.

I’d be as sweet as vanilla… passionately hot as cinnamon.

He would be mine… forever devoted to me,

forever in my bed.


She mixed dried jasmine, dried red rose petals,

cinnamon sticks, a splash of red wine.

Ginseng root, a must… for lust! A vanilla pod split.

I dozed off at that point. —I don’t remember much except…

waking in her candlelit lab anxious to buy it! So, I bought it.


—I bought it!

I was supposed to give it! He was supposed to drink it!

But she wickedly bewitched me! —I wound up with an uncontrollable thirst.

—She was highly recommended.

I guess he got there first!


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