The sunset I left behind


I ventured into this once beautiful woodland that somehow rotted and decayed when darkness fell.

It fell quickly upon this thicket. The once lovely trees now hollow, what evil could they possess?

Will this unfamiliar forest become known to me as the one where restless spirits dwell?

My heart pounding in my chest, sensing danger, the wicked here most certainly know of my distress.


Adrenalin raging, I’m trembling, stumbling with labored breath through this cold cloud.

Grazing unknown entities in this dark realm, lingering ominous peril closing in.

Shapes darker than the surrounding darkness keeping me here in their murky shroud.

Time dawdling by with the present danger raising every hair in every pore of my skin.


I didn’t believe the legends of these woods. Tales of evil phenomenon, I wish I could forget.

Panicking for an exit strategy while all the tales are playing on the silver screen of my mind.

Regular patrons on their stools drinking pints, haunting laughter, puffing their cigarettes.

Amongst this tangled, thorny scrub until sunrise, remembering the beautiful sunset I left behind.


Photo: Tobias Huske/Unsplash

Linking with Poets United for Sumana’s midweek motif “Sunsets”


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