Boardwalk Dreams


Let’s pack the car one summer, travel to the coast,

allowing all the boardwalks to wear holes in our shoes.

Take in the sea views, make postcard perfect posts,

sharing with friends on social media, giving our reviews.


Let the squawking carnies hustle us into their games,

with cotton candy hands and mustard on our chin,

let’s spend a wad of money until we walk away in shame,

only after we’ve played until our fingers are worn thin.


Head over to the carousel, pick out our favorite painted pony,

where time slows down with an old familiar organ song.

Watch crowds shuffle by with their dripping cones and cronies,

and, gawk at the oddities and jugglers, while children tag along.


I can’t wait to drag you on the roller coasters and, the Ferris wheels.

Our hearts fluttering in our chests with the garish neon’s in our eyes,

slowly climbing the steep heights until we plummet as we squeal.

Let’s walk the well beaten paths of boardwalks, every shape and size.



Linking with The Sunday Muse #20

Labels: muse, ocean, sunset on a cloudy day, boardwalk


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