Monkey Girl

april (2)

I was born too early in April,

but, ready to swing from a tree.

Every time doctors say I won’t,

I say, I will!  You just wait and see.


Hospitals, doctors, and therapy,

Is on my long to do list.

But, so is avocado with bananas,

in Nawna’s arms and, being kissed.


There’s so many who love me,

cheering me on so I’ll blossom.

They say, way to go monkey girl,

and, I laugh feeling awesome.


Momma was strong and loving,

she passed her strength to me.

She’s going to be proud of monkey girl.

One day I’m going to climb that tree.



“For my precious great granddaughter”

“In loving memory of my granddaughter who loved her with all her heart.”


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