What? No windows!








What if there were no windows,

I wouldn’t know what to do.

I sit here most every day,

feel the warmth come through.

I swat the lizards on the glass,

watch the crickets hop away.

Watch squirrels run on the lawn,

and, see the tiger lilies sway.

If there were no windows,

I would never see the rain,

bouncing off the gutters,

dripping on the window pane.

I would never see the bikes,

being ridden down the road.

The woodpecker on the tree,

or the yards getting mowed.

I wouldn’t see the snowmen,

the spring tulips just appear.

Summer rays or autumn leaves,

through the window here.

Mrs. Miller sweep her porch,

or clean her garden gnomes.

Or see you through the window,

excited you are finally home.


Note: My daughters cats are always in the window looking out onto the world outside. This is for my grand cats, Emily and Augie, and the child in all of us. 😊

Photo by Serhat Beyazkaya-unsplash

Linking with Poets United/Susan’s midweek motif “What if”

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