Rocky Road


Photo by Levi Guzman – unsplash


Once I had that one friend

That made me feel as if,

I was an old chunk of iron.

Magnetized me stiff.


Couldn’t wait to hear,

The comic lava flow.

Flowing from her lips,

Volcanic talent show.


Laughing until our ribs,

Couldn’t take no more.

We’d somehow wind up,

Sprawled out onto the floor.


Shopping was our contact sport,

We’d avoid all kinds of hypes.

Bargain’s found, she’d wear hers,

Like a tiger wears his stripes.


I would have never wanted,

To tame that friend of mine.

Inside she suffered deeply,

So, the outside had to shine.


I’m still plain old vanilla.

My mind and body slowed.

But, I know there in heaven,

Sweet Elaine is rocky road!


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